About Annette Gerlach

25 years of unparalleled experience

about_annetteBorn and raised in West Berlin, German. Annette Gerlach was born on October 16, 1964. Her mother remained home for the education of her daughters and her father was a law teacher at Free University. She has since had a passion for art but she pursued economics in France. She lives in Strasbourg and also works in France.

Career and achievements

For a German origin to rise and dominate the French media Annette Gerlach has outdone herself. She has become a master of both the French and German accent and moderates in both languages. Her journalistic career begun at the weekly “La Nouvel Observateur”. Having mastered both French and German intellect, she collaborated with an upcoming international TV channel called Arte in 1992. Since then Annette Gerlach has soared heights in the media industry. The Arte moderates both in French and German and is dedicated to highbrow culture. This particular TV channel has a partnership with big names like the BBC, public TV in Sweden, Spanish TVE and a public TV in Netherlands. This has been a major boost to Annette Gerlach media profile

The Arte located in Strasbourg deals with;
Hosting reportages and thematic discussions.
Broadcasts theatre and opera performances
And also screens ambitious films.
Since 1998 to 2003 Annette Gerlach prepared and reported news as a newscaster for the Arte, where she did an exceptional work. Now she is a co-creator for the Arte Kultur programme. The kultur programme is based on a survey done on the most interesting European news that gives insight into many fields like architecture and pop culture among others.
Her French eloquence has seen her get the “Richelieu – Défense de la langue française” award. Other awards to her name are;
In December 2009 she moderated the season opening of the Scala in Milan for Arte.
2008 she was appointed as Chevalier de l’Ordren des Arts et des Lettres by the French Ministry of Culture.
In 2006, she was the conferral of the Prix Richelieu the Association Defense de la langue Francaise (comparable to the “Verein German language eV”).
Other details
Annette Gerlach is known to keep her personal life to herself. Well, it is clear that she has a daughter who has developed a liking for piano; she has been seen with John Axelrod an American opera conductor. She is known to have developed a liking for opera a part of the shows that she did in the past.

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